INSTEP is Durham University's largest dance society, offering a range of classes for all abilities every weekend!



As Durham's largest dance society, we're sure to have a plethora of classes and events for you to enjoy.
In a post-covid climate, our resilient dancers have continued to explore their passions - transitioning back to in-person classes and even hosting our first ever Instep Ball!
As an inclusive and enthusiastic society, we look forward to welcoming you to Instep at Durham.


HOLLYWOOD BALL 14th June 2022

"A Night In Hollywood" pioneered Instep's first dancer's ball, hosted at Ramside Hall Hotel. Attendees were glitzed up and glamorous as they enjoyed a 3 course meal and a range of entertainment.

This was a wonderful way for our dancers to relax after exams and celebrate all the things they had achieved with their fellow dance friends.

Instep hopes to put on more large scale events, so stay tuned for what this next year brings!


INSTEP SHOWCASE 10th June 2021

Instep dancers made an unforgettable comeback in our first post-covid dance show.  Having been postponed until third term due to Covid-restrictions, the highly-anticipated event was held in the gorgeous Tent on the Racecourse.

Whether they were performing or supporting us from self-isolation, every dancer gave it their all.  The showcase was a spectacular triumph of our diligent choreographers, talented tech support, and many hours of dance classes on Zoom; we are immensely proud of everyone at Instep!


RECONNECT 12th/13th March 2020

Our annual Instep show was a fantastic success, involving 165 dancers showcasing a variety of styles and themes to a packed audience over two nights!

We raised an amazing £938.10!! As a result, we will be donating £500 to our two chosen charities Durham Wildlife Trust and The British Ecological Society.

We cant wait to see everyone again next year!


DDF 2019

We recently hosted the Durham Dance Fusion competition at the DSU. It was a fantastic day showcasing amazing dances from St Andrews, Lancaster, Durham and York St John across a wide range of styles.

Finally, we want to wish a big thank you to all the runners, organisers and competing teams for creating such a fantastic day!


Welcome Social 2019

Thank you for coming to our welcome social, we hope you had a great time and met some new amazing dancers! Stay tuned for further socials....



If you have any questions get in touch be emailing in.step@durham.ac.uk

You can also find us on the desk in the Students' Union during term time while classes are on. Feel free to pop down and say hi!

For more information you can see our Facebook page or Instagram and Youtube accounts. 

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