Every member of the competition team has the opportunity to put themselves forward as a choreographer for the next academic year. They then pitch their idea to the team who vote for the best one in each category. The choreographers use the summer to find the perfect musical accompaniment and choreograph their routine. Each choreographer will then hold auditions at the start of the year in order to select their team members. Being a choreographer is an amazing and rewarding experience; a great opportunity for dancers to explore their creativity and lead their teams to success!


Daniel Cheetham and Caitlin Large

Intermediate Ballet

Caitlin is a second year at Van Mildert studying Combined Honours in Social Sciences. She has studied ballet since the age of 4, and was in the intermediate ballet team in first year. As well as this, she has been a part of Ballet Company and is now Vice President.


Serena Conn

Advanced Ballet

Hi !! I’m Serena and I’m choreographing Advanced Ballet this year. I have been dancing since I could walk, and have danced in all styles from ballet to commercial and everything in between! This is my 3rd year on the competition team and 2nd year choreographing, and I’m so excited to get back into it! My idea for advanced ballet is the beauty of nature, danced to a wonderful instrumental piece. The plan is to make it interesting and modern by incorporating movements that simulate trees, the wind and other natural elements, but also to create a beautiful, authentic and classical piece. I cannot wait to get stuck in !!


Molly-Rose Bryson

Intermediate Modern

Molly-Rose is a second year Language student studying French and German at Trevs. In her first year, she was part of the competition team for Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary and loved every second of it! She is honored to take on the role of Dance Captain with Helena and organise events for this year’s competition team!


Olivia Douglas

Advanced Modern

Liv is a third year chemist from grey college. She has competed since first year in advanced tap, modern, ballet, lyrical and contemporary and choreographed for the lyrical team last year. Her advanced modern routine is going to be a high energy musical theatre based dance with lots of cheesy faces and clean, sharp tricks.


Tara Munnelly

Intermediate Tap

Tara is a third year music student at Collingwood. In her first year, she attended the instep tap classes and last year was lucky enough to be in the inter tap team! A combined love of tap and musical theatre sparked the idea of a fun, sassy and high energy routine from the musical ‘Six’!


Gabriella Sills

Advanced Tap

Gabbie is a second year English student from John’s. Having competed on the tap team last year, this is her first year doing choreography for comp team but she is normally found doing choreography for DST musicals such as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Pippin’. Her tap routine supports her love of musicals and is a sassy number from the musical ‘Nine’.


Tamsin Matthewman


Tamsin is a second year physics student at Collingwood. She has been dancing since she was 3 and have competed in contemporary, modern, ballet and tap. Contemporary is her favourite style and she is very excited to be choreographing for the team this year. Last year, she participated in many classes and performed in the Instep show but a highlight of her first year in Durham has been competing with the Instep contemporary team so she cannot wait to get started this year!


Jeremy Lee


Jeremy is a fourth year Natsci from Van Mildert. Jeremy has been a part of the original street team founded two years ago. Under his direction, the choreography will be grooves upon grooves for sure.


Helena Gill


Helena is a 2nd year Psychology student! She has trained in a number of dance styles since the age of 2, so couldn’t wait to join Instep in her first year. Last year, she joined the competition team and competed in Lyrical, Advanced Modern and Inter Ballet, as well as danced in the annual Instep show! She can’t wait to choreograph the Lyrical routine for the comp team and teach Beginner/ Inter Contemporary in the weekend classes this year!